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The hotel yard has been turned into a flea market. I'm momentarily tempted by a modern German military jacket, but decide against it.

Driving. Crossing borders like they don't even exist. A borderline surreal radio program in Lithuanian, with sound effects and solemn, powerful voice acting.

Driving. Partially skies, lush fields, wonderfully boring roads. Crossing another border, shooting at the deserted station, gleefully defying the obsolete rule against photography. A BMW caught speeding equals schadenfreude. Finns on motorcycles. "Peintbols Pif Paf". Passing the dam, back on the Via Baltia. "Moses taps (tm)"

Driving. We're in a bit of a hurry now, it seems, if we're going to catch that boat back to Finland.

Driving. Thinking about the journey and what a great experience it was. Came up with a short list of places to see next time in Romania. (1. the Danube Delta
2. Brasov & surroundings)

Sailing. Food is so strangely expensive. People are strange and speak with tongues I know. This floating-bar part of the trip is such a nosedive to reality. So is the drive from Helsinki to Turku. It's beyond odd to watch the sun get up again at 1:30 AM.

So much to do now. Clothes to unpack. Car to clean up. Over a thousand pictures to go through. Seitan to eat. Cats to comb.

Well, I'm back.

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Napped all the way from Turku to Helsinki, having spent the night packing and tidying. A nightingale was trapped inside the tax free shop, between the window and soda cans. The buffet served mostly meat, but sister let me have some of her watermelon slices. Brother attempted death by bacon.

Saw a huge stork's nest, with the stork, standing there like nobody's business. Forgot how to language at gas station, but S.O. found beebi porgand there. Walkie-talkies randomly pick up russian channels. I have to constantly feed the driver with chocolate to keep them awake. Crossing borders just happened, no controls nor queue. A wind turbine had dropped its rotor on the field. "Moses taps drow" —sorry if that was rude.

Roads aren't half bad. BMW drivers are reckless and we warn each other whenever we spot one. Always give way to an east-European BMW. A motorcyclist decided to practice slalom on the motorway. Small falls of rain wake us up from the sun coma.

Another border in sight, and with it the remains of the day. I'm tired, but I sing along to my favourite tunes and watch lighting crack. Stupid jokes (selfish shellfish etc.).

Dozed off after finding a set of old jets and woke up in Vilnius just before arriving at the hotel. A nice, clean place, with a very friendly English-speaking receptionist. Wi-fi. Dad, sister and brother went shopping.

Exhausted. Need sleep.

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Given that I've always lived in the same country, city and postal code area, I won't be able to compare. My answers apply to the whole country, not just the place I live in, because that would be incredibly boring.

1. Low population density.
2. The nature in general, or, the make-up of the nature combined with the climate. (Although right now it's simply too hot in here.)
3. For the most part, well-secured human rights, peace and stability.
4. The language. Good for many things, not so for some. (Such as writing a sex scene.)
5. That they sub foreign-originated material instead of dubbing it, as default.

1. The racism, nationalism, bigotry, hypocrisy, consumerism.
2. All the human rights that are still lacking, such as gender-neutral marriage.
3. That the church still isn't separate from the state.
4. The laws dealing with transgenderism. They are outdated, bigoted and based on ignorance.
5. The excessive abuse of alcohol.


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