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Given that I've always lived in the same country, city and postal code area, I won't be able to compare. My answers apply to the whole country, not just the place I live in, because that would be incredibly boring.

1. Low population density.
2. The nature in general, or, the make-up of the nature combined with the climate. (Although right now it's simply too hot in here.)
3. For the most part, well-secured human rights, peace and stability.
4. The language. Good for many things, not so for some. (Such as writing a sex scene.)
5. That they sub foreign-originated material instead of dubbing it, as default.

1. The racism, nationalism, bigotry, hypocrisy, consumerism.
2. All the human rights that are still lacking, such as gender-neutral marriage.
3. That the church still isn't separate from the state.
4. The laws dealing with transgenderism. They are outdated, bigoted and based on ignorance.
5. The excessive abuse of alcohol.
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Real fur and real leather. Do I really have to tell you why?

(To make either of them acceptable would be to collect the raw materials from a wild animal that would have died from a natural cause.)
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Try and resist the power of THIS!

Funny Pictures
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Do your share in dropping carbon dioxide rates down to reasonable levels.

Doing your share is not hard. Don't get into the car. If you must, don't everybody drive alone to the same place. Use the bike (the one without the engine, you git).

You one for cuteness? Polar bears won't have ice to tread on and they drown if all the ice melts. That's why it's not better to have a warmer climate, not here in the North nor anywhere else.

Wanna do something passive? Stop breeding. If you're Finnish and think *we're* going to go extinct if *you* don't start producing babies, adopt one from China or India - if you absolutely must have one. (If that's impossible, only have one child.) Mixing genes is good. Overpopulation is bad.

This here is a matter which applies to you, not just everyone else. It's more important than earning money or getting good grades or my mental health. One must learn to prioritise. Forget economical growth; the only growth necessary is the percentage of square kilometres of land covered with woodlands and with glaciers.

Start today.

Yes, I did just watch An Inconvenient Truth, thank you for asking. And no, there wasn't much new information to me; some, yes, but not a lot. Seeing it just encouraged me to speak up a bit, even if it's to be only in this small, stupid LJ blog of mine which reaches a very small number of people, most of whom are well informed about this issue, on top of that.

</environmental rant>


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