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Location: our new flat, which is still more like a camp than something you actually live in, but we'll get it done soon, I'm sure. More packing today at the old one, Thursday's the ultimate cleaning day of doom, and on Friday morning we hop-skip to the tenants' office and return our keys.

Due to moving, I'm horribly behind schedule with pretty much all my work, but once I get my work space organised here, I'll get back to business. Major stress, a tad anxious. Can't work like that.

Listening to: old concert recordings, mostly by Queen, getting a wee bit emotional on occasion. I tend to hate live recordings, but when it's on video and the band's no more, it's somehow completely different.

It's also my birthday today (which I'm sure anyone who reads this already knows, but what the hell) and, incidentally, also Fiore's. Little furball is turning one. Awwwwww. It's almost as big as Seitso now, although that's mostly because Seitso is too skinny. They're safe at my parents' while we're moving boxes around, and apparently S has been eating a bit better; it felt slightly fatter last night when I felt its sides. Hooray!

House hunting continues. I already found the perfect one, but it just so happens that I don't have an extra 500k sitting on my bank account right now, so... the search goes on. Our financial situation looks particularly grim at the moment, and isn't getting any better since my primary's going to study part-time this autumn. I fully endorse it, of course, and obviously it's more important than money. Just means we have to plan stuff more carefully.

We'll see how the next quarter goes.


Jun. 24th, 2012 07:07 pm
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And with a pesky throat infection. Had me in constant high fever for two days straight and with a dizzy head for four. Luckily I got to a doc back in Britain and am on antibiotics for 7 more days. Their health care system seems quite good, and of course it's easy to get treatment as an EU citizen.

Throat infection or no, the trip was great, and I came to like the strangers of the UK quite a bit. Got "ma'am" thrown at me only once, compared to the numerous sir-ings. It was also remarkably refreshing to explore among such diverse crowds. Strangely homey, that. (It seems that so far I've only traveled countries with an overwhelming majority of one race and/or social status.)

Fiore the cat now looks like it's come straight from the pages of a dickensian novel... my parents have this open fireplace, see, with some soot in it as often is the case with fireplaces. And our little devil got a little too acquainted with it. Problem is, I should bathe Fiore but have trouble finding unscented cat shampoo. Maybe I'll go hunting once I'm better.


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