Mar. 6th, 2015


Mar. 6th, 2015 09:51 am
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Met with entrepreneurs this morning (at an ungodly hour). They form a network of businesses called BNI, and the point is to get referred to and by other businesses to get new customers. It's not super exclusive and not a secret society, just an extension of existing contacts without the burden of immediate competition, as no companies there are in the same line. There's no catch other than a paid membership.

Each visitor was given a little time to introduce themselves and their business, and I completely fucked up mine. Ended up stammering something vague and freezing up, which is quite rare for me nowadays. I blame the hour—I had to get up at six. I was disappointed with myself, but people were very nice and not judgmental at all, and I got to mingle a little and was asked to meet up for potential cooperative projects, scheduled appointment and all. Went better than I expected on that part. I might even get to work if I'm very lucky.

My future as a photographer seems brighter today. I can't join the network, because of course their subscription is too costly (far less so than I thought, though, and for a small-to-medium-sized company it's pretty much peanuts) since I barely make any money right now, but a great big bunch of people got my card, and a lot of people said they need a photographer, and I'm allowed one more visit there with no strings attached. Next time I'll bring more cards, a pen, and a properly prepared, well-rested brain.


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