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Yup, took Berlin roughly from behind. Such a gigantic, wonderful, multi-faceted city would really need more than a measly five days of attention, but one does one's best. Rainbow flags and gay/queer hangouts were abundant, and the streets were filled with people of various cultural and ethnical backgrounds, and more vegan eateries than we were able to explore.

Also, I don't know if I've ever taken a trip to Germany without catching a cold, or worse, and so I'm ill again. Lacking energy as it is, I really didn't need this shit right now that there's so much fighting to do. Compiling a To Do as I write, so I'll know the things won't bite me in the arse (like they would if forgotten or neglected). And while we're on the arse-biting business: bureaucracy, social security, the bank, everything even remotely money-related fails and collapses on me. Despite having fought exactly the same battles for my entire adult life, it seems like I'm not getting any better at it, and I've a hard time adjusting to the thought.

Does anyone know of any scientifically-proven actually helpful things one might do to boost one's immunity (against illnesses)? Besides getting a day job with plenty of human contact, and having good genes, for both of these I'd love but can't have; and besides eating plant-based, exercising regularly, and sleeping, all three of which I already do.
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